1. Are you open when it is raining? Most of our activities are open in light rain, but our go cart track must close when it gets wet because it gets to slippery for our visitors to safely navigate the curves. Also, if it is lightning or very stormy, we cannot allow customers to be exposed to the elements out on our property. We are located in a mountainous region with unique weather patterns which can be different than just a few miles away in the Flathead Valley. If in doubt about the weather conditions at our location, please call us at 406-387-5902 to find out the current situation and if we are open before you drive out our way. 
  2. Can I buy tickets online? Not at this time. It doesn’t take long to purchase tickets on your way into the Amazing Fun Center though, so we let you decide what you want to do once you get here and see all of the fun choices. 
  3. Can I reserve the facility for a private party? Our facility is open to the general public every day in the summer, so you cannot reserve the entire facility, but we can set up certain areas for groups to congregate. Group gatherings or field trips do need to be scheduled in advance so that we have the staff available to give your group the extra attention you need and to get the discounted group rates. Please see the Group Planning page for further details.
  4. What age kids can do the activities by themselves? It’s always best for adults to enjoy the activities with their kids or groups. Individuals of any age going through the maze alone can get lost for over an hour, so kids may find it frustrating on their own. Anyone over age 13 should be able to manage finding their way through the maze themselves and doing the other activities provided they meet the height restrictions dictated by safety requirements for driving and riding the go carts and driving the bumper boats.
  5. Do you have special deals for doing multiple activities? Yes, we offer special savings for packages that include tickets to do multiple activities. Please see our Prices page for the details.
  6. Do you ever change the way through the maze? The maze was designed to allow us to move some wall panels to change the pattern so that our visitors may have a new challenge. However, the maze is so large and complex with two levels, that most customers can’t remember the way through right after they’ve finished it!